Research Visit to the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies at the University of Bergen

June 12th, 2017, Sheffield, UK.

My visit to Bergen ended very well, after some days from my return, finally I found some time to report the last period. After 3 days away in Oslo, visiting some relatives living there, I spend my last days working mainly in the sound studio at Bergen Center for Electronic Art (, precisely June 1st, 2nd and 5th and 6th. The work I’ve made there consisted in some short tracks (loops) to provide a sort of ‘soundtrack’ for some geo panoramas created by Scott Rettberg and to be shown in the form of an installation at the Public Library of Bergen at some point during June/July. Besides this, I’ve used the studio time to create some drafts that could become a new acousmatic piece in the future. After these intense sessions at BEK, finally I’ve gave my talk about the history of Electroacoustic Music in Chile: basically a brief review with some important milestones and relevant composers. This talk was given at the Public Library of Bergen ( last Thursday 5th of June and was possible to the effort and organisation by Margrete Rasmussen and the coordination of Scott Rettberg. With this talk my activities in Bergen concluded properly and now I just need to prepare a report for the WUN funding group and use all the knowledge and experience achieved within my PhD and continue the projects prospected with Professor Rettberg for the next months. I must thank to every person and institution whom made possible to get a very fruitful visit to Bergen, its university and its cultural life.



May 23th, 2017, Bergen, Norway.

It has been an intense period of work and study. Last Friday May 19th I gave my talk “La Lumière Artificielle”, Acousmatic composition project based on an idea by the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro in the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies of the University of Bergen. It was an interesting opportunity to share my work as PhD student in Sheffield and to exchange ideas with the group of academics and students. Some pictures very soon.

In the meantime I keep going with my theoretical work, reading a lot and making notes: it has been very enriching to get access to very specialised literature thanks to the excellent Arts and Humanities Library of the UiB–0

An excellent opportunity raised thanks to some contacts provided by the students at the Department, specifically thanks to Álvaro Seiça ( and Alan O’Reilly. They putted me in contact with the remarkable sound artist and composer Trond Lossius ( who works at the Bergen Center for Electronic Art (, who in turn invite me to use the sound studios at this fantastic creative hub with great facilities as well.

To finalise this post, I just want to share my personal mini website allocated in the UiB website as visiting researcher: 

May 12th, 2017, Bergen, Norway.

Last 8th May I’ve arrived to Bergen, Norway to start a research visit at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies of the University of Bergen.

This visit will last for a month and it’s possible thanks to the funding provided by the Worldwide Universities Network, which includes my home institution, the University of Sheffield, and the host institution, the University of Bergen, among other 16 universities from 11 different countries. The network aims to create “new multilateral opportunities for international collaboration in research and graduate education” according to its webpage. Among its opportunities there is the “Research Mobility Programme” (RMP) which allows to researchers and PhD students to visit partners international partners to establish and cultivate academic connections and develop research projects. To access to the funding programme it was necessary to have approval and support from Professor Stephanie Pitts, head of the Music Department at Sheffield University, my PhD supervisor Dr Adam Stanovic and my host supervisor at Bergen University, Professor Scott Rettberg.

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The aim of the visit is to get involved in a creative and academic context (Linguistics, Literature and Aesthetics), which although is close to my own field (electroacoustic music, sonic art), it’s in fact a different one.

Arts & Humanities Library, University of Bergen

Why visit this Department and this University specifically?

First of all, when I started to look a place for a research visit, I was thinking in a place within the Arts & Humanities field with specifics aspects that could improve my research, give me another perspective and allow me learn new things.

And secondly, I’ve defined my own research as focused upon the use of human voice and poetry in electroacoustic music and whose objective is to elucidate the relationship between acousmatic and combinatory approaches to compositional practice, borrowing techniques from other disciplines (collage, sound poetry) and offering novel methods that merge composer-centred practice with automatic and computational tools. With this in mind, a perfect place was the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies of the University of Bergen, more specifically the Bergen Electronic Literature research group (BEL) leaded by my host supervisor for this visit, Professor Scott Rettberg. The group studies digital media literary pieces, which is a interesting field, encompassing hybridisation and superposition of disciplines, tools and aesthetics.

Professor Rettberg is an expert in digital culture, electronic literature and combinatory poetry. He has published “novel-length” electronic literature works, combinatory poetry and films.

The aims of my visit are:

  1. Study the state of the art in the field of Electronic Literature, focusing in its multidisciplinary manifestations and its links with sonic art and electronic music.
  2. To share my own research and creative practice within my doctoral studies by means of talks and other activities like listening sessions.
  3. And collaborate in a specific creative project, a digital combinatory film, which will have my sound design. This will be the initial stage of the project that will take more time than a month but can be performed both through internet communication and specific meetings supported by future funding projects.
  4. Additional goals are to get contact with cultural and musical environments within the city, both in the academic context and the alternative electronic scene.


Festplassen, Bergen
Festplassen, Bergen

Forthcoming activities:

  • Friday May 19th, 2017, 2pm.: Talk / listening session as part of the Electronic Literature Research Group activities. The presentation will focus on my PhD project “La Lumière Artificielle” – Acousmatic composition project based on an idea by the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro.

At the moment we are planning more activities and we’ve got scheduled a meeting to propose a talk in a public space. Hopefully we are going to get positive news next week.