Illustration: Rodrigo Elgueta

experimental electronic project

Mankacen is Alejandro Albornoz soloist post-techno project. This project arises as a way to concrete sound and musical concerns that had been accumulating since its membership of the band Arteknnia, one of the first techno groups in Chile.

Besides this project, Alejandro Albornoz compose electroacoustic music for loudspeakers, both in stereo and multichannels formats and is a PhD student in this area at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Influenced by some ethnics aspects and the electronica farthest to song format, Mankacen’s sound has some minimalism in melodic and harmony resources and at the same time some complexity in timbre and rhythm. His most recent pieces involve human voice as source material.

ir a web crisis records

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Two pieces for the dance-multimedia play “Cartografías” (2011), directed by Pamela Cuadros with choreography and dance performance by Karin Costa.
El Acompañante y Nacimiento-Flujo:

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