co(n)de Zero


This is the Live coding project of Alejandro Albornoz, Chilean composer based in Sheffield. Alejandro composes different types of electronic music, covering electroacoustic (acousmatic and live electronics), techno, idm or post-techno and sort of noise experimental. Within ‘co(n)de Zero’ the styles starts in techno and minimal to look for deconstruct and overlap rhythms and textures with the aim to create a kind of minimal-baroque…

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Alejandro Albornoz is a Chilean composer and sound artist. He studied electroacoustic composition with Rodrigo Sigal and Federico Schumacher and works on acousmatic and live electronics since 2004. From 2015 he has been exploring improvisation on electronic music under the aesthetic and technical domain of “Live coding”, generating experimental and beat based music by algorithmic means, mainly with Tidal Cycles, a language for pattern construction on the fly. The resulting pieces could be included under the umbrella term of post-techno and experimental electronic music. Thanks to be based in Sheffield, UK, in the past two years, Alejandro has been able to impulse this new project under the alias co(n)de Zero, being involved directly with the Live coding and Algorave hub of this city particularly and within the North of England in general. Some highlighted performances: set by streaming online for a 24 hours mega gig all over the globe celebrating the 5th anniversary of Algorave movement, gig of the Euler room series in Sheffield and a set during the AlgoMech festival symposium on Unmaking. This fresh endeavor is just looking for more opportunities to spread its sounds.