>> Thursday 26 April 19:30, concert at the BEAST FEaST 2018, University of Birmingham. Acousmatic music in the BEASTdome, presenting my piece “Sheffield 17” (2017) a tribute to José Vicente Asuar. The festival includes concerts and music by Horacio Vaggione, Georgina Born, Nicholas Bullen, Brona Martin, Mary Fukumoto, Jonty Harrison among many other artists.

Complete programme:

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 20.02.55

>> Saturday 21 April 2018 5pm, Sound Junction, University of Sheffield Sound Studios concerts series. Acousmatic music in 32 channels loudspeaker orchestra, including my piece “Hundreds of milliseconds” (2017-2018).

This version includes a concert of Trevor Wishart, Tom Williams and Yiorgis Sakellariou, Adrian Moore, Adam Stanoviç plus composers of the USSS.

Complete programme:

>> 2017 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Friday 3 November 7pm, Sound Junction Nov-2017 , University of Sheffield Sound Studios concerts series. Acousmatic music in 32 channels loudspeaker orchestra, including my piece “La Luz” (2016-2017).

Saturday 4 November: 5pm: Nikos Stavropoulos / 7pm: Hans Tutschku

Complete programme:

This October 1st, my stereo piece “Tom… Far… Orion… Blue…” (tribute to David Bowie) will be performed in an acousmatic concert in Germany! Pieces by Javier Party, Bárbara González, Nicolás Carrasco and José Vicente Asuar complete the program. Thanks to the SIMUC- International Society for Chilean Music, Helmut W. Erdmann, Martín Donoso and all the people at the Fortbildungszentrum für Neue Musik in Lüneburg for making this possible.


As part of the 2017 General Assembly of International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME) in Moscow, the Electroacoustic Chilean Community (CECh) had presented two pieces for the concerts during this event: Affaires des Oiseaux”  (1976) by José Vicente Asuar and my octophonic work “La lumière” (2015), in the concerts on September 28th and 27th respectively.



After great activities last March, there are some interesting gigs and performances during April and May:

April 22th (“Earth day”), debut of my soloist live coding project, “co(n)de Zero”, thanks to the space provided by Euler room and Access Space. It will be a nice gig with “Live coded algorithmic music, coding patterns to make music to drink beer to”

Live in Access Space Sheffield, streamed to the world, featuring quickfire live code sets from:

– Nullish
– Mutent
– See Pereria
– co(n)de Zero
– Joanne
– littlelifeform
– Toni
– dance hazard

FB Event:

May 5h – 7th, University of SheffieldFirth Hall, S10 2 Sheffield, UK.

I’ll be presenting my new 8 channels acousmatic piece “The Light” during the Sound Laboratory: Sound Junction Weekend: Cinema for the ear – electronic music that transcends barriers. Investigating the frontiers of contemporary electronic music, with an immersive experience of three-dimensional sound; unbound by pitch or rhythm, instrumentation or abstraction.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 09.25.16

Featuring performances from University students and staff, alongside special guests including Jonty Harrison, Denis Smalley, Adrian Moore, Adam Stanoviç and students.

Free entry, booking required:

Within the Festival of Arts and Humanities 2017 of the University of Sheffield, “Ruido”, dance-theatre performance by Lucy Heighton with my sound design will be presented in May 4th, 19:30, at Victoria Works, 1 Rowland Street, Sheffield, S3 8DE.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 09.08.20

Free entry, booking needed:



Forthcomming concerts


Université 3 Lille, France

My piece “La Lumière” acousmatic for 8 channels (2015), third place ex-aequo in the SIME Electroacoustic Music competition, alongside “Náufragos de la Medusa“by Federico Schumacher, will be performed during the SIME 2016 festival at the University Lille III, France, the 21. April, during the concert “In memoriam Lucien Goethals” (Salle Kino, 15h.00).

Also this piece will be performed in the II Festival of Electroacoustic Music of the Universidad Católica, in Santiago de Chile alongside several works by Latin American composers:





The next concerts are part of a series featuring electroacoustic music from Leeds, Sheffield and York within the context of The White Rose Computer Music Network, an alliance between the universities of these three cities in North England.

Sheffield: May 14, 2016

York: January 22, 2016

Leeds: January 27, 2016



Sound Junction Spring 2015, 3×3 Sheffield: Concert 3, in Sheffield



3×3 Sheffield: Concert 1, in York


3×3 Sheffield: Concert 2, in Leeds


Last concerts


Électrochoc 2015-16: Électrochoc 3: Adrian Moore