CD launch / Lanzamiento CD “Fluctuaciones” Alejandro Albornoz
Free entrance

18:15 – Launch – Chancellor’s Room, Firth Court, University of Sheffield
19:30 – Concert. Programme:
1. “Concretamente” (2012) Stereo 10’10” (Edit version)
2. “La Lumière” (2015) Octophonic 9’45”
3. “Perro-Campo/Tarro-Ciudad” (2007) Stereo 3’27”
4. “Un Regalito Misterioso” (2014-2015) Stereo 9’22”

This CD launch and Concert are part of the Sound Junction concerts series of the University of Sheffield: 25th – 27th November 2016, complete programme:

Teaser CD




CD Official website, Pueblo Nuevo netlabel

Facebook event:

CD Launch / Lanzamiento CD “Fluctuaciones” Alejandro Albornoz

electrocd catalogue




electroacoustic music

“Abro la escucha de par en par” (2012) 3’50” Stereo. Acousmatic piece ommissioned by the Spain Cultural Centre of Santiago, for the art exhibition “20 años, 20 artistas”. The piece and the printed spectrogram of a section of the work were exhibited in the art gallery together with the works by other artists. Text & composition: Alejandro Albornoz. Voice: Alejandra Caro:

Acousmatic work Composed at the composer’s personal studio. Work finalist at the Fundación Destellos competition 2010. Premiered: Festival Internacional de
Música Electroacústica de Chile Ai-maako 2009. Included in the triple CD “Panorama Electroacústico” (Chilean composers compilation. 2011: Fonmus/Pueblo Nuevo/LAIM) and in
“RedAsla Vólumen III” (Latinamerican composers compilation. 2011: CMMAS, SECUM, CONACULTA, CENART y Michoacán Trabaja):


Acousmatic piece inspired by the Francisco de Goya images. Composed at the composer’s personal studio. Premeried: Electroacoustic Music Concerts cycle organized by Laboratorio Arcis de Informática Musical an the SCD (Author’s right society), September, 2009, Santiago de Chile.

MkM, Telematic concert. Live electronics improvisation via internet 2 with José Manuel Berenguer (live from Barcelona) and Julio Catalano (live from Córdoba, Argentina). Sound Art Festival “Cruces Sonoros”, Santiago de Chile, April 2012.

Info Festival Cruces Sonoros 2012

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